Jon and Maria Wedding

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Clique fun at Jon and Maria’s wedding!

Jon of Threelogy and Maria Teresa's Wedding
Jon and Maria

Mimi and Karl
Mimi and Karl

CJ and Aira
CJ and Ira

Jason Magbanua and Pang Magbanua
Jason and Pang Magbanua

Threelogy Digital Video Team
Threelogy Digital Video

Bithia and Veluz
Bithia and Veluz

Erron Ocampo and Jesy Alto
Erron Ocampo and Jesy Alto

Dino Lara Team
The Dino Lara boys: King, Robert and Jun

Philippine Wedding Supplierrs
John Mateos Ong, Madge Lejano, Teddy Manuel, Aaron Lejarde, Jesy Alto, Mimi Abesamis, Karl de Leon

One Response to “Jon and Maria Wedding”

  1. It’s so nice seeing you guys in that mood! :)
    And everyone’s friends with everyone!! Awwww…
    I bet it was a lot of fun! :)

    Nakakatuwa super! :)

    09 Oct 2008 at 6:49 am

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