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Wedding Expo 2007 – March 10-11, 2007; PICC Forum

Posted by karl on Feb 27 2007 | Clique

Clique the Party Photobooth, the latest creative endeavor of Fotogra Weddings, Inc., will be launched at the Themes and Motifs’ 10th Wedding Expo on March 10-11, 2007 at the PICC.

About Clique

Wedding Expo Promo P15,000 for the 4-hr rental plus 100 prints! 50% downpayment to book the date, 50% before we setup at the reception.

Contest The Most In-Love Photostrip. Have your photo taken together with your fiance at the Clique Photobooth during the Wedding Expo. We will pick 10 finalists and let YOU our blog readers vote for the Most In-Love Photostrip. The winner gets a Clique Booth at their wedding for free! (Restrictions may apply of course)

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Garcia-Gonzalez Wedding

Posted by karl on Feb 25 2007 | Weddings

Click here for the gallery

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Can’t Hardly Wait

Posted by karl on Feb 23 2007 | Clique

The physical booth is almost finished and we’re raring to do a beta test at JC and Sarah’s wedding tomorrow. Dax came over last night so that we can orient him on how to set up the Photobooth. We’re just hoping that Mang Mariano, our carpenter, will be able to finish the booth for tomorrow :P Crammers!

Here’s a photo of Dax and I testing the booth. We’re actually trying to time our jump with the shutter release.


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Clique Alpha

Posted by karl on Feb 18 2007 | Clique

The first time we tested the Clique Photobooth was during the Maramag’s Media Noche dinner last December 31. Here are a couple of the photos. Our setup was basically our camera on a tripod, a flash on the lightstand, and the laptop and printer on the table.


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Clique Photobooth?

Posted by karl on Feb 14 2007 | Clique

Hi guys, welcome to the Clique Photobooth blog. What is it? It’s basically a photobooth you can rent for events and weddings.

Some of you might remember that Mimi and I started our photography career by setting up a photo studio type booth at the UP Fair in 2004. That was exactly 3 years ago. In fact I still have photos here somewhere. Even back in 2004, our friend Dax was already helping us out ;)

What we learned from our initial foray of having photobooths at events is that everything should be automatic. Some people tend to be shy in front of a human photographer while others always beg for a retake. We also learned that printing should be done onsite which was cost prohibitive back then but now is possible with the advent of dye-sub printers.

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