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That’s why it’s called a partybooth…

Posted by admin on Nov 26 2007 | Clique, Events

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Lara-Paras Wedding

Posted by admin on Nov 25 2007 | Weddings

Cliquebooth photos of Jay and Cathy’s Wedding.

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W@W Xmas Party 2007

Posted by admin on Nov 24 2007 | Clique, Events, Weddings

Weddings at Work Xmas Party 2007
More wild and wacky Clique pics at the W@W Xmas Party

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Google Tech Talk

Posted by admin on Nov 20 2007 | Events

Cliquebooth photos of the Google Tech Talk Event at the AIM.

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Double Unlimited Promo

Posted by admin on Nov 19 2007 | Clique

    Good news! The Cliquebooth can now churn out two 4×6 copies of the same print. No more fighting on who will take home the Clique print! :) There’s also a bigger Clique book available, an 8×10 50-page album to hold the Clique prints and messages from your guests. (The 8×10 Clique book is recommended for the double print option as guests can keep one print while the other is inserted into the Clique book.)

      Clique! Clique! The Double Prints Promo
      Book the Cliquebooth with the double prints option (P20k for 3 hours or P25k for 5 hours) from now tll November 30 and you’ll get an 8×10 50-page Clique Book (P5,000 value) for free.

      For current Clique clients, just add P5,000 to convert your package to the double 4×6 prints option (plus 2k to upgrade your Cliquebook).

    Photos of the Cliquebooth at the wedding of Marc and Ruth


    The Cliquebooth prints 2 4×6 postcard prints, one for the guests and the other for the 8×10 50-page Clique Book.


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